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Course Program

The FASE Basic Course will be hosted at the Department of Medical Biology, Section Clinical Anatomy and Embryology, Amsterdam UMC, Location AMC

Address: Meibergdreef 9, 1105 AZ, Amsterdam

Room: AMC, L2-242

Course Lecturers

Prof. Pascal Adalian (FASE President)

Pascal Adalian is Professor and head of the Department of Physical Anthropology of Aix-Marseilles University and the current FASE President. He is the Director of the MSc in Physical Anthropology at the Faculty of Medicine in Marseilles, and is certified judiciary expert in Forensic Anthropology. He has collaborated for many years with the Forensic Medicine Department of Marseilles, for which he acts as an external consultant. His research interests and activities cover forensic anthropology, corpse identification and methodological approaches for biological profiling. He also specifically develops methods concerning age estimation of very young juvenile skeletons.

Dr. Zuzana OBERTOVA (FASE Vice-president)

Zuzana Obertová is a biological/forensic anthropologist with doctorates in biological anthropology and palaeoanthropology from the Comenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia) and the Eberhard-Karls University in Tübingen (Germany), and in Community Health from the University of Auckland (New Zealand). In the postdoc phase, she worked on projects on age estimation and identification of living persons (the Institute of Forensic Medicine, the University Clinic, Düsseldorf, Germany), and on trauma dating (LABANOF, the University of Milan, Italy). Currently, she is employed as scientific researcher and forensic expert in the Visual Identification of Persons (ViP) at the Forensic Science Institute in Zürich (Switzerland), and she is also Adjunct Lecturer at the Centre for Forensic Anthropology, The University of Western Australia. She is Assistant Editor of the journal Forensic Science International.

Prof. Eugenia CUNHA (Portugal)

Eugénia Cunha has been a full professor at the University of Coimbra since 2003 and, since 2018, she is the Director of the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (NILMFS) , South Delegation, Lisbon. She is/was invited teacher in Brazil, France, Spain, and USA (Stanford University). She acts as a National Consultant for Forensic Anthropology at the NILMFS in Portugal since 1997. Eugénia is a fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences in the Anthropology Section. She was nominated president of FASE (whose co-founder is) in 2009 (until 2016) and she is now vice-president of the Brazilian Association of Forensic Anthropology. She is a Member of Pathology and Anthropology Sub-group, Interpol DVI Working Group. She is acting as a forensic anthropology expert in international missions in several countries focused on crimes against humanity and human rights violations. Her research interests cover age and ancestry estimation methods and skeletal pathologies.

Drs. Mike Groen (The Netherlands)

Mike Groen is a certified forensic archaeologist and anthropologist at the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) and a staff member at the Amsterdam University Medical Centers (UMC), Department of Medical Biology. His past academic and professional experience relates to GIS modelling, field archaeology, human taphonomy and biological anthropology. He is responsible for the introduction of forensic archaeology in the Netherlands in 2005 and for the creation of the Forensic Archaeology group within the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI) in 2013. He has been involved in  more than 2000 forensic archaeological/anthropological cases, the Netherlands and abroad. Since 2022 he is heading the Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology unit at the NFI. His current research interest include validation of age estimation methods, GIS predictive modelling, forensic taphonomy and scene of crime science.

Prof. dr. Roelof-Jan Oostra (The Netherlands)

R.J. Oostra, MD, PhD, is a Professor of Clinical and Comparative Morphology, in the Department of Medical Biology, and head of the section Clinical Anatomy and Embryology at the Amsterdam UMC. In 2018 he realized ARISTA, the first and presently only human taphonomic research facility in Europe. His core business is teaching anatomy and embryology in various (bio)medical curricula. His research focusses on clinical morphology and congenital malformations. He presently supervises eight PhD students.